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The Morrisby Online Psychometric Test offers many of the same features as the traditional paper based Morrisby Profile * (see previous page for details), but it is an interactive online assessment, which can be done in the comfort of your own home/office with all the instructions  on screen.    The test usually takes just over an hour and a half and the results are available very quickly.  The test will assess your verbal, numerical, abstract , spatial and mechanical aptitudes, alongside your career interests and your personality type.  Anyone aged 15 years or over can take the Morrisby Online Psychometric Test.  Once the profiling is completed and processed you will be able to access a detailed report of your results with career suggestions based on your abilities and interests, plus details of further education and training opportunities.  You will also have access to a massive database of careers and labour market information.   


At this point we will meet for a feedback interview and I will guide you through your report and discuss the results in light of your own current circumstances and career thinking.  Together we will construct an Action Plan to help you move on with your career journey.  


If you are interested in undertaking the Morrisby Online Psychometric Test, please email me and I will send you details of how to proceed.   Feedback interviews can be arranged at a time and place to suit you, often I come to clients' homes (travel costs may be incurred) or other mutually convenient venues in and around Cambridge. Evening appointments are available.


The cost of a Morrisby Online Psychometric Test plus a 1 hour feedback interview is £80.



* the online test does not assess manual speed and skill in the way the paper based test does, and the personality measures differ from the paper based test.  However, there are many benefits to the online version, especially the ability to change your career suggestions to focus on your abilities or interests. 

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