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The Morrisby Profile is a psychometric test  that provides an objective statement of a person's underlying abilities, personality and career preferences.  This is based on a comprehensive set of paper and pencil tests and takes about 3 hours.  (This assessment may sound daunting, but please don't worry, this is not an exam and you don't need to do any revision!  Usually, clients comment on how much they enjoyed doing the assessments.)   Anyone aged 15 years or over can take the Morrisby Profile and the test is verified by the British Psychological Society.  The test will provide you with an objective analysis of your:

  • Reasoning (solving difficult abstract problems)
  • Verbal ability (being good with words)
  • Numerical ability (being good with numbers)
  • Perceptual ability (being good with diagrams and pictures)
  • Spatial ability (being good with plans and 3D shapes)
  • Mechanical ability (knowing how things work and fit together)
  • Manual speed (working quickly with your hands)
  • Manual skill (working carefully with your hands)
  • Awareness (noticing people and things around you)
  • Flexibility (enjoying change and variety)
  • Inner conviction (being sure of your own capabilities)
  • Decisiveness and confidence (having ideas, taking the initiative)


Once the results have been processed (usually about 10-14 days later), you will have a 1 hour feedback session during which I will discuss the findings and career recommendations with you in detail.  You will receive a detailed 23 page Profile and Guidance Report which has been validated by a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. You can read the report to discover more about your strengths and abilities, find out how to make the most of your skills, work out your personal goals and explore new career opportunities.  The report will include career suggestions and information about further education and training. You can also register on the support website, which provides you with a huge amount of useful careers information and planning tools. 


I run testing sessions about once a month in locations close to Cambridge, often on a weekend.  Testing sessions are usually small groups (max. 10 candidates) and I then do the follow up feedback appointments at a time to suit you.  


Please email me for details of the next testing session.


The cost of a 3 hour psychometric assessment, plus the administration and 1 hour feedback session for an individual is £200.   Please contact me to discuss  group booking rates.


The Morrisby Online Psychometric Test may also be of interest, please click here for more details.



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